The Role of Government: Jon Stewart and President Obama Talk It Over on The Daily Show

Obama on The Daily Show

One of the best exchanges from a fantastic interview wasn’t even televised!



With Jon Stewart rounding out his final days before he steps down from The Daily Show, it was only a matter of time before President Barack Obama would stop by for one last chat. As you might have expected, it turned out to be a great interview. Many topics were touched on including the US/Iran nuclear deal and what President Obama plans to do in his last year in office. Yet the most interesting exchange was one that wasn’t televised.


The video below is an exchange that began with talking about the government’s slow response time to addressing veteran’s needs and ended with why a strong federal government is vital to society. While conservatives would balk at President Obama’s reasons to why a strong federal government matters, it’s still interesting to hear President Obama defend a core belief that many Democrats hold dear.


It’s obvious that we’ll miss Stewart’s take on current events, but last night reminded us all that he can still give one hell of an interview.




(Photo Credit: Comedy Central)


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