Rick Perry Gave a Thoughtful Speech on Race in America

Rick Perry

Like not an ounce of sarcasm here, it was an eye-opening speech from Rick Perry. Trust us, we were just as surprised!  



Usually during primary season you get speeches from primary candidates that preach to the base. These speeches are meant to excite the core and tell their base why they are “the most [INSERT IDEOLOGY HERE]” than their counterparts.


Rick Perry, last Thursday, gave a very different speech from what we’re used to hearing during primary season.


It actually was a really thoughtful speech about race in America from someone who is more famously known for not remembering the existence of the EPA during a televised debate. The speech to the National Press Club covers a wide range of topics on race ranging from gentrification to Republicans dismissal of the black voting bloc. His most interesting point was that of the use of federal power to address inequality among African-Americans. A topic in which most Republican primary candidates would avoid like the plague!


It’s a great speech in which he talks honestly about race in America while still presenting conservative ideas to the problem. Maybe those glasses are making him smarter? The video is below and definitely worth your time!




(Photo Credit: National Press Club Live YouTube Channel)



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