Rep. Mark Meadows Files Request to Oust John Boehner as House Speaker

Mark Meadows

FYI: John Boehner isn’t going anywhere.



Last night Republican Rep. Mark Meadows made a formal request to vacate Rep. John Boehner from the Office of the House Speaker. The allegations from Rep. Meadows are simple, he felt that House Speaker Boehner caused the “power of Congress to atrophy” and punished party members who “vote with their conscience” instead of the party line.


Basically Rep. Meadows’ congressional action is the political equivalent of this:




Before we discuss this further, let’s get one thing clear.


John A. Boehner is NOT losing his Speakership position.




DC politics is fickle and can be unpredictable at times, but this is not one of those instances. Our sentiments are similar to the ones we had about Rep. Boehner’s primary race last year to J.D. Winteregg in which we wrote:


Men like John Boehner don’t lose to guys like Winteregg. John Boehner’s loss will be the political equivalent of getting shot in the head by an 8 year-old-kid while buying a pack of smokes at the liquor store. John Boehner’s loss will be abrupt and no one will see it coming. Because that’s just how men like John Boehner lose elections.  


All Rep. Meadows did was open up the conversation to force Rep. Boehner to step down from his speakership. Conversation is the key word in that last sentence. Only Rep. Boehner has the power to bring the measure onto the House floor, which he won’t. And even if he did, considering Democrats won’t back the Republicans that want to see Rep. Boehner step-down, the measure would be CRUSHED in the House if it came to a vote.


Now that’s settled, Rep. Meadows’ faux congressional coup could tell a deeper tale however; the potential rift that currently exists within the GOP. Between the rise of Donald Trump in the primaries and the differences Republican lawmakers have on funding the Highway Trust Fund, a division between the GOP establishment and those that faction themselves as more conservative minded  individuals left over from the Tea Party sect have come front-and-center over the last two weeks.


Whether this is a bigger trend going into the 2016 election season, only time can tell.



(Photo Credits: Congressman Mark Meadows Website, Google Images)


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