It’s Official, The Confederate Flag is Coming Down in South Carolina

Gov. Haley Signing Bill

And going into the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, whatever that is…



This week there was a lot of talk over whether South Carolina’s state legislator would be taking down the Confederate Flag that flies in front of their Capital. In the past, many attempts of trying to take the flag down had been attempted. But usually the topic was paid lip service in the state’s legislature and then failed to move forward.


Looks like this time the measure finally passed!


After a 13-hour debate (!!!) over the flag’s removal, at 1 am, South Carolina’s House voted 94-20 to remove the flag from state grounds. After having passed both state chambers, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed it into law this afternoon.


Many Republicans in South Carolina, including Gov. Haley, have swiftly reversed their stance on the South Carolina flag flying over state grounds after the tragic church shooting that happened in Charleston few weeks ago. The Confederate flag was originally introduced to the state capital in the 1960’s as many viewed it as a symbol for the anti-integration movement at the time. It only took 50+ years for the flag to be taken down. Progress!


The flag is scheduled to come down July 9th at 10am.



(Photo Credit: CSPAN YouTube Channel)


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