Many Ask for Confederate Flag to be Taken Down in South Carolina’s State Capital

South Carolina Confederate Flag

Hey South Carolina, may we suggest a solution to your Confederate flag problem?



Every few years – similar to American’s sudden interest in soccer during the World Cup – a debate about the Confederate flag comes up. Usually you hear both sides staunchly claim they’re right and it goes away as quickly as it came. After the recent tragedy that took place in Charleston however, this debate looks to be different this time around. Many have aired grievances regarding the Confederate flag’s roots to slavery along with white supremacy and have asked that South Carolina remove it from the state capital. However others, who support the Confederate flag’s place on state grounds, look at it as a memorial to those that fought during the Civil War and an issue over states’ rights.


In other words, the Confederate flag is THE WORST Schrodinger’s Cat thought exercise ever, being both a symbol of oppression and of proud southern heritage because both sides avoided talking about it.


Well, now we’re opening the box.


Confederate Flag

“Conundrum. One big racist conundrum.”


Yet as stated earlier, the debate this time looks to be going into a different direction. Many within the GOP – that used to defend state governments in showcasing the Confederate flag – now have reversed their stances on the matter. One of the most prominent turns comes from South Carolina’s own governor Nikki Haley. Just a few months ago Gov. Haley had commented that the flag represented “a way to honor ancestors who came to the service of their state during the time of conflict. That is not hate, nor is it racism.” After the shootings in Charleston however, she is now taking a different position entirely.


However, even with more political leaders speaking out against the Confederate flag on South Carolina state grounds, it might not be as simple as just removing it. The state requires a two-thirds approval from both the State House and Senate for the Confederate flag to be displaced. Even though Gov. Haley has stated that she would do everything in her power to override any roadblocks that some state legislators may put in place, with such a contentious issue among state legislators, getting s super majority is easier said than done.


For that reason, we at The Post Turtle have a suggestion for South Carolina – and any other southern state – on their Confederation flag kerfuffle. Instead of the Confederate flag flying over the state capital, why not fly this!


Lynyrd Skynyrd


A Lynyrd Skynyrd flag!!


Hey, think about it man!


What band represents “Southern culture” more than Lynyrd Skynyrd?





They’re the guys that birthed the southern rock genre! They have songs that talk about their love for the south (Sweet Home Alabama) and their yearning to be unchained by “the man” (ie Free Bird). They quite LITERALLLY represent everything that southerners love about the Confederate flag, without any of the racist baggage that comes with it!


Also as a big bonus, the last surviving member of Lynyrd Skynyrd denounced the Confederate flag two years ago claiming, “through the years, people like the KKK and skinheads kinda kidnapped the Dixie or Southern flag from its tradition and the heritage of the soldiers, that’s what it was about…we didn’t want that  to go to our fans or show the image like we agreed with any of the race stuff or any of the bad things.” So South Carolina, don’t pull that shit of putting up a Lynyrd Skynyrd logo that depicts the Confederate flag, because even they aren’t down with it anymore! In other words, don’t be like Georgia or Mississippi, which is more a general rule for life than something that only pertains to this particular situation.


All I’m saying South Carolina is if you fly that Skynyrd logo in your state capital, someone’s going to look up and say “Lynyrd Skynyrd huh, South Carolina is alright!” Which would probably be the first time someone used “South Carolina” and “alright” in a sentence not ironically.


The solution is there for the taking South Carolina! All you have to do is ask yourself a simple question, WWSD (What Would Skynyrd Do?).



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