Political Swag Bag: The Hillary Clinton Pantsuit T-Shirt

Hillary Clinton Pant Suit Shirt

An item of clothing that asks everyone in any room, “are we having fun yet?”



Politicians will often – from the bottom of their hearts – create a number of items purchasable for their supporters. In other words, they create swag. The problem? There’s just TOO MUCH SWAG! Well that’s where we come in. We pick the items that are worthy enough for The Post Turtle’s Political Swag Bag! In the latest entry, we talk about the incomparable Hillary Clinton Pantsuit T-Shirt!



What’s the item?

It’s a T-shirt that has a print of Hillary Clinton’s signature pantsuit ensemble. The site implies that it’s meant for women, but anything with this much swagger behind it can’t be confined by gender lines!


Who’s it for?

For the disconcerting person that looks in the mirror and tells themselves “I want to look casual, but not TOO casual.”


What is it referencing to?

Hillary Clinton is known for many things. Her hawkish demeanor on foreign policy, her mean – yet hilarious – texts to notable individuals, and more awkward occurrences regarding the Clinton Foundation than a Weekend at Bernie’s sequel. Yet for all of that, her pantsuit game is on another level entirely! Just type “Hillary Clinton pantsuits” into Google Images to see for yourself.


Why does it exist?

Of all the things I said earlier that come to mind when Hillary Clinton’s name is mentioned, you probably noticed “personable” wasn’t one of the aspects. Fair or not, people view Hillary Clinton to being a little distant. If I were a betting man, the pantsuit t-shirt is a ploy from her campaign to change that perception by poking a little fun at her affinity for pantsuits.


What is the YouTube video equivalent of this piece of swag?


So it’s the tuxedo t-shirt of the 2016 campaign then?

Hey, let’s not get carried away here! The tuxedo t-shirt is a goddamn national treasure! Political campaigns will come and go, but the tuxedo t-shirt is eternal. The Clinton pantsuit t-shirt doesn’t have that kind of staying power.


What would make this better?

Why just red?!?! Does Hillary Clinton only have a red pantsuit? I THINK NOT!!! Let us have the full Hillary Clinton pantsuit experience! #WeWantTheFullClinton


Hillary Clinton Pantsuit Rainbow


Is this something I need in my life?

If you aren’t at least a little excited that this exists, then maybe it’s time for us to go our separate ways. I hear Politico has some great content…


Should you buy it?

Granted it’s a shirt that screams “are we having fun yet,” but IT’S A FREAKING PANTSUIT T-SHIRT!!! Crass political move? Yes, absolutely. Something you must buy this minute? Yes, absolutely.


Buy It!



(Photo Credit: HillaryClinton.com)


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