Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Decides to Run for President, Because… Why Not?

Bobby Jindal

You know, I was just telling myself that the Republican presidential field does look a little sparse.



Once being touted as the Republican Party’s “Great Beige Hope,” Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal decided to double down and make his run at the US presidency official today. Wanting to be “with it,” Gov. Jindal announced his candidacy on Twitter ahead of his planned formal speech in Louisiana.



This comes as a surprise to absolutely no one considering Gov. Jindal had been making the rounds to early-primary states giving stump speeches wherever he could. Even though he becomes the first “legitimate” Indian American candidate to run for president, his chances aren’t great at the moment. The most recent polls show him at below 1%, only beating George Pataki, former Governor of New York. If these results were to hold up, he most certainly wouldn’t be invited to the Republican debates taking place in the coming months. Not to mention the general political decline that Gov. Jindal has had over the last couple of years, starting with his awkward 2009 Republican Response to perplexing official portraits. So it’s a little odd why he would decide to run now in an already crowded GOP field.


But best of luck, I guess?



(Photo Credit: Instagram @bobbyjindal)


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