In the Newest Appropriations Measure, Republicans Look to Have Made Out Like Bandits

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Medical research and military spending up, education and family planning down!



On Wednesday the House Appropriations panel adopted a spending bill that while protecting health research programs – like drug treatment and AIDS prevention – also cut many education grants and funding for family planning centers. Or aka, programs that a Republican controlled House Appropriations panel wouldn’t care for.


The $153 billion appropriations measure was approved down party-lines. It comes after months of debate over what programs had to be cut due to sequestration. While there were some cuts on both sides, it’s safe to say Republicans look to come out like bandits from the deal.


Many bullet points on the Republican budgetary to do list were checked-off within the appropriations measure. From almost $15 billion in cuts on major programs within the Labor Department, Health and Human Services, and Education to a $40 billion increase in military spending – thanks to a budgetary loophole – to stipulations in blocking state funds for the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), Republicans looked to have gotten the most out of the current measure.


Social conservatives also had a huge victory with $286 million cut on family planning programs, with a huge cut to teen pregnancy prevention programs with the rest being siphoned onto abstinence only programs.


Considering this budgetary measure looks like something out of a conservative politician’s fever dream, in that it’s too good to be true, that’s because it actually might be.


President Obama has demanded equal appropriations to domestic programs that have been slashed, otherwise he’s threatening a veto it dead. However it’s pretty obvious that it won’t come to that. Much like the filibuster that was brought on by Democrats with the military spending bill earlier this month, this appropriations measure looks to be headed for the same fate. But with so much of the bill in favor of Republican interests, the GOP could have just gained an upper hand in the bargaining process.



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