Feds Have Made It Easier to Do Marijuana Research

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But how is the government going to stop scientists from getting high off of science? The greatest of all highs!



Marijuana policy in the US.


I guarantee many of you, who don’t care that much about American politics, are probably here thinking we’re going to talk about marijuana legalization in the US. Well this news story has nothing to do with that, it has everything to do with SCIENCE!!!!


Yeah Science


Now that half of the readership is gone, because it doesn’t impact them getting high and eating this, we can carry on.


The federal government yesterday removed a substantial road block in conducting medical marijuana research. In the past the US government required three governmental agencies (the Food and Drug Administration, Public Health Services, and the Drug Enforcement Administration) to approve medical marijuana research before studies could take place. Well, at least one of those agencies has been cut off from the list. The Obama administration, effective immediately, eliminated the Public Health Services (PHS) review from pursuing medical marijuana research.


As you may have guessed, the entire process to just get permission to do medical research on marijuana can be daunting. But as many researchers and advocates would tell you, the PHS review would usually end up taking the longest and cover the same ground as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review would. Interestingly enough, these barriers on marijuana research also create bigger problems for the federal government down the line. With little scientific research on marijuana, due to government bureaucracy, it creates a problem where the government doesn’t have enough research to create thoughtful drug laws.


The dropping of the PHS reviews should go a long way in rectifying some of those hurdles.


But the question still remains, what about those science fiends getting high off of science! WHAT WILL BE DONE OF THEM?!?


High Off of Science

“Get yourself clean, JUNKIE!”



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