BREAKING NEWS: People Realize Donald Trump Says Crazy Shit

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Believe it or not, there are actually two important takeaways from the recent cluster-fuck that is Trump 2016.



To put it simply, presidential candidate Donald Trump is a crazy person. Also, crazy people say crazy shit from time-to-time. So using the transitive property, we come to the conclusion:


Donald Trump = Crazy Person;

Crazy Person = Saying Crazy Shit;


Donald Trump = Saying Crazy Shit


Hey, that’s not us, that’s MATH!


In the past, Trump has said some REAL asinine things like his continued insistence of President Obama not being born in the US or the fact that America should have stayed in Iraq to “keep the oil.” Until recently, no one really paid much attention to his comments – which is always a smart move when it comes to Donald Trump – but now things are a little different.


Like so many public figures before him, Trump is now learning that even as a public figure, people listen to you much more closely when you’re running for public office. In the past, bat shit crazy statements would just be shrugged off by the general populace. But if you’re vying for the GOP ticket in the next presidential race, suddenly your words hold much more credence.


In Trump’s recent announcement that he’ll be joining an already crowded Republican field, he had some choice words to say about Mexican immigrants.


Shockingly – as in not shocking at all – many people found the comments on Mexican immigration to offensive. A couple of days after his announcement, the television networks of Univision and NBC announced they would no longer be airing media properties associated with Trump, which included The Apprentice along with both Miss America and Miss Universe beauty pageants. Univision went as far as telling their employees not to utilize Trump-owned businesses if there are traveling on the company’s dime!


Of course Trump doubled down on his earlier comments by releasing a statement that oozed the same class and sophistication that you expect with the Trump name and did not read at all like a jilted lover screaming, “you’re dumping me?? No, I’m dumping YOU!!!!”


Ok, with the primer out of the way, there are actually two important takeaways that people are missing from this story.



(1) The Myth of Mexican Immigration Actually Hurting the US Economy


Studies have shown time-and-time again, Mexican immigrants actually help the US economy in pretty amazing ways. First-generation Mexican immigrants actually contribute to 4% of the US GDP, with that number climbing to 8% if you also include second and third-generations. The even crazier fact, illegal Mexican immigrants actually help the US economy even more!


Many illegal immigrants from Mexico pay social security benefits under false identities yet can’t collect the benefits that they are putting into the honey pot. The general public’s views of illegal immigration are that “everyday Americans” are the victims because illegals are taking jobs away from legal citizens. In reality however, the illegal immigrants are the victims in this relationship, since the same benefits and protections that we enjoy aren’t being given to them, then in turn they get taken advantage of due to their illegal status!



(2) Trumps Statements on Mexican Immigration Could Actually Hurt His GOP Primary Chances

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When trying to win any primary for public office, candidates tend to campaign differently. The “base” that comes out to vote in primary elections is fundamentally different from those that come to a general election. In the case of Donald Trump, many feel his stance on Mexican immigrants could actually help his chances. When in fact, the opposite could easily be true.


Much has been written about how Trump’s stance on Mexican immigration could give him “conservative cred” with GOP primary voters. But in reality, this is also a myth. In a study last year, Pew Research found 66% of Republicans feel undocumented immigrants living in the US illegally should be eligible for citizenship if certain requirements are met. For those that affiliated themselves with the Tea Party, 59% (!!) feel that the option for citizenship should exist! With how the media – and to an extent Trump – paints conservatives as immigration hawks, you would think Trump’s stance on this issue could help him in the GOP primaries. When in reality, that relationship isn’t as cut and dry.



So it’s important to keep in mind that all Trump’s recent comments, only prove one thing.


Hes an Ass



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