Point/Counterpoint: Hillary Clinton’s Double Super Secret Email Account

Hillary Clinton Texting

When a career politician sets up her own private email server, that’s now big news. It’s Point/Counterpoint!



So you hear about this scandal involving Hillary Clinton using an outside email address for emails while she was Secretary of State!


Yeah, it’s pretty insane!


I know, right?! Like as Secretary of State you can’t just decide to use your own email server! There are protocols in place. You’re the freaking Secretary of State, not some bored computer science major!!


Hold up, you think this is actually a big deal?


Yes, absolutely! How is it not?


The better question; how is something that every politician does a big deal? As most reporters will tell you, majority – if not all – politicians have used their personal email at one point or another to convey at times sensitive government information. What makes Clinton so different?   


Hey that doesn’t make any of this better! Her defense to all of this basically amounted to her telling the press, “just trust me.” But what bugs me the most about this, is that public officials know what gets archived and what doesn’t. When Clinton decided that she didn’t want her emails on a government server she made a conscious effort to not put them on record.


So what? They aren’t on record. Big deal!


SO WHAT?!? That essentially means documents that could have been accessed by the public can never be traced! So years from now, when we want to gather information on the decision making process in the era using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) then you’re shit out of luck!


Clinton and Obama

“Best shoot me an email. Don’t worry, I know how to keep it on the DL.”



Alright, let’s not fool ourselves here. No politician has vast amounts of emails that are accordance to the Federal Records Act. Most are actually worse than Clinton in that they use their personal phones or have off-the-record personal meetings when discussing similar matters. Your problem here isn’t necessarily Clinton, it’s with the entire system. 


No one’s denying that, but there comes a time when you have to take personal responsibility for your actions. Clinton is using the excuse that since everyone is doing it, then it’s ok for me to as well. You’re running to be the next President of the United States, that’s just not good enough! Say if some of that information was classified on her email server? That would have been a HUGE breech!


Ok, you can’t invoke the idea of FOIA and then speculate some of the information COULD be confidential. Those emails are either classified or not, you can’t have it both ways!


Fine! Say even if the emails were unclassified – we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt – but that doesn’t negate it from being a major security issue! Even mundane personal emails like where you’re going to be pose a big security risk if you were ever hacked!


Really? Hillary Clinton is the person that hackers want to target. You’re telling people like President Barack Obama, Nikolai Volkoff’s Spirit Animal Vladimir Putin, or even Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke aren’t more likely targets?! Trust me, I can go on, but there are a lot more “meaningful” targets for hackers to target rather than Hillary Clinton, even if she is the Secretary of the State.    


Yeah but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t a target! During this time, she was the FREAKING SECRETARY OF STATE! Like I said, even leaking regular correspondence is a major security issue! What’s worse is that Clinton isn’t even realizing the seriousness here. In her press conference about the incident, she talks about how the server was guarded by Secret Service members, as if the concern was of someone coming in and LITERALLY stealing the servers or something! If a hacking is successful, the victim rarely knows that anything happened till much later.


Clinton Group

“The address has my name! Pretty dope, right?!”



Could have Clinton handled the situation better? Yes. But have the Republicans getting a little out of control when it comes to this “email scandal?” Absolutely! You have to admit, the reaction to this is complete overkill. The fact that House Speaker John Boehner is expected to announce an investigation into Clinton’s email practices during her time as Secretary of State is just plain ridiculous!


Probably because she deleted OVER 31,000 EMAILS!!! Her original reasoning for doing this whole thing in the first place was to make her life a lot easier. So how is deleting 31,000 emails making her life any easier?! And that’s the thing, while none of this is illegal, you can’t tell me that any of this isn’t shady or at the very least weird!


Please, you can’t tell me this is the most pressing issue in which Congress should be doing an investigation on! The only reason a GOP-controlled Congress is targeting Hillary Clinton is because these emails could hurt her in the 2016 presidential elections.  


Yeah, absolutely. Why else would they be doing this?


Hold up, so you agree?


Of course. As of right now she’s the strongest Democrat of the potential 2016 field. While I do feel this Clinton email controversy looks VERY sketchy, the Republicans are using this as a window to politically stick it to her. At the end of the day, this is all just political gamesmanship that both parties participate in as we get closer to an election year.


Wow… ok… don’t really know what to say? Wasn’t expecting you to make a measured statement like that. Made a lot of sense.


Thanks? Hey where are you going?


I don’t know… somewhere I guess. Was just expecting an all-out-drag-out fight and after getting a very sensible answer like that, starting to rethink my answer on this Hillary Clinton thing… I just need to be alone.


Alright. If you want to debate some more…


Just stop talking.


[Walks out of the door]




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