Republicans Not Happy with New Labor Rule Change


But like with most things in Congress, none of it really matters in the end…



Believe it or not, the most contested battles in Washington aren’t topics regarding abortion rights or gun control, they’re usually topics regarding labor unions. In almost every session of Congress, the topic of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rule changes come up and a massive battle between both parties always breaks out. Usually over trivial matters. This year’s proposed changes to the NLRB rules are no different.


Republicans on Monday launched an appeal that would repeal recent NLRB rule changes that would allow faster elections when deciding on union leadership. As you may have guessed, businesses aren’t too keen on the new rule change, making Capitol Hill antsy while Republicans side with businesses and Democrats side with labor organizations.


The rule itself – cheered by organized labor – would discard the 25-day waiting period that stalls many elections. The rule would also reduce litigation and require employers, by law, to give union organizers email addresses and phone numbers of all its workers. The rule is scheduled to be implemented in April.


In an ironic twist that could only happen in Washington, Republicans hope to kill the rule quickly by putting it to a vote under the Congressional Review Act, which would limit debate and bar changes to the repeal proposal. The little used rule essentially gives the Senate power to reject some federal regulations by a majority vote and deny anyone from blocking it via filibuster.


However any new repeal would have to go through the White House and considering President Obama has threatened to veto a number of bills if it were to reach his desk, it’s more than certain he would veto this one as well.


So yeah, the GOP might have just wasted everyone’s time on a somewhat minor bureaucratic rule change that would be vetoed anyway if they were to repeal it…


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