Millennials More Likely to Say Vaccination is a Choice Compared to Other Groups

Millennials confused

God damn it millennials!



There has been a huge debate over whether parents have a choice in regards to vaccinating children. Even though the medical community has found that vaccines are safe and effective, many people still believe otherwise. For others they feel the science behind vaccinations are solid, but it’s still a personal choice among parents whether children should be vaccinated or not.


Pew Research, as they are willing to do, recently released a study asking adults if vaccinations are a personal choice or a social obligation.  For the most part the majority of Americans (68%) agree, that all children should be required to get vaccinated. While the adults that believe vaccination is a personal choice is still pretty high (30%), it’s the split among millennials that is the most surprising.


Vaccines Pew Research

Well at least millennials are first in something…



According to Pew’s survey while 59% of millennials believe children should be required to be vaccinated, an alarming 41% (!!!) think it’s a personal choice. That is over ten percent the national rate! It’s surprising because when compared to the other age groups, they are among the highest that believe vaccination is a personal choice.


This is, for lack of a better word, strange.


It has been shown that millennials are more likely to embrace technology compared to any other generation. So why all the fear over vaccines, which have been widely used since the 1960’s? The idea that millennials look at vaccinations as a personal choice, also doesn’t make much sense because most are politically and socially liberal. The idea of vaccinations being a social choice is more of a conservative/libertarian idea. So we’re crossing that out.


Which can only point to millennials believing that vaccinations don’t work or are ineffective. For that I present you this graph from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


measles drop rate



So which brings us back to our original point…





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