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Here’s how Republicans are planning to counter President Obama’s executive action on immigration.



HA! What you thought because President Obama had created an executive action on immigration that it was over!?! It’s never over! LIFE IS A GODDAMN FLAT CIRCLE, MAN!!! Anyway here’s The Straight Dope on the Republicans plans for President Obama’s executive action on immigration.



The Plan…

Republican Immigration


For the GOP, the idea stopping President Obama’s executive action on immigration is simple; they’re going to directly tie it to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding. Last session when Congress came to a deal that would fund the government to September, Republicans deliberately threw in a provision that DHS funding would only last to February 27th.  They did that because they knew when the next session of Congress could come into session, both the House and the Senate would be under their control. It would be here where they would fight over immigration.


guinness brilliant


Well we maybe have jumped the gun on calling this idea brilliant – we’ll get back to that one – on the surface it is a sound one. What congress plans to do is introduce a bill that funds DHS through the Fall and adds various amendments that changes proposed and current immigration policies. The amendments range from prohibit funding to programs that would protect parents of US citizens that came to this country illegally to programs that qualify young immigrants to be part of the DREAM Act. The thing is Republicans don’t just want to target the executive actions that President Obama made last year, but also target any changes he made to immigration in his entire stint as president, which includes Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.



…And Where They Fucked Up

You Fucked Up


So in theory the GOP plan sounds full proof. You use DHS funding negations as the battleground on immigration and use amendments to defund Obama’s immigration actions within the bill. It all sounds so perfect!


The only problem, most of the Obama administration policies aren’t getting money from DHS to begin with. The majority of immigration programs are actually funded by US Citizenship and Immigration Services where these programs are funded through various application fees. The question is would Republicans actually stop application processes of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to actually stop the Obama administration’s actions on immigration?


Naw man.


Stopping, or even slowing down, these application processes would piss off everyone! Businesses would be upset because it would slow down the pool of skilled workers coming into this country. Not to mention the general public would be upset because it would slowdown applications for passports and visas. The question whether Congress has the power to do any of this is also not very clear.


But I can’t imagine Republicans – or at least someone in the Republican Party – didn’t bringing this to someone’s attention. In that case it’s clear that the Republicans are looking for the Obama administration to probably roll back a few of the orders brought out by the executive action. It’s hard to see the DHS not get funded when an important election year is around the corner. Republicans remember when they shut down the government the last time and it didn’t do them any favors. Can’t see that happening again.



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