The GOP Pushes Through Pro-Life Legislation in the House

Pro-Life March

After a few bumps in the road, Republicans come together to pass a bill that would broaden abortion restrictions.



As thousands of pro-lifers descend onto Washington for the annual March for Life rally, the House passed their own congressional bill that forbad federal funding to most abortion coverage. The bill also goes farther by also blocking employers and individuals to use federal funds, through the Affordable Care Act, to pay for abortion coverage.


In a 242-179 vote – nearly voting across party lines – the House passed the measure after an earlier fumble where House Republicans were divided over another pro-life bill. In this session of Congress, conservatives have been divided over forbidding most late-term abortions. While conservatives are in agreement that federal tax dollars shouldn’t be used to fund procedures, they are divided over the fact that these procedures should be illegal entirely.


Currently there is no federal money going towards abortion procedures – Congress has to vote on the measure every year to extend it – people could still earn tax credits through their insurance program from private insurers that are on government health exchanges. While the bill has zero chance of being signed into law – due to the White House already presenting a veto threat if it were to even pass the Senate – for conservatives it was important that a unified pro-life bill get passed. For nothing else to show their pro-life constituents that there is unity on the issue. Even though a consensus was reached among conservatives, this will not be the last time they clash over pro-life/pro-choice legislation.



(Photo Credit: March for Life)


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