Speaker Boehner Invites Foreign Leader without White House Approval

Netanyahu and Boehner

A Riddle: What do Tupac and Speaker of the House John Boehner have in common?



Traditionally speaking, family matters are always kept within the family. All disagreements, whether they’re screaming matches or passive-aggressive contests, stay within one’s confines. Speaker of the House John Boehner and the Republicans, might have just aired the US’ dirty laundry.


Yesterday Speaker Boehner announced that he had invited the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress sometime in February. While on the surface the meeting seems benign enough, Israel is a close personal ally and Netanyahu has spoken before in front of a legislative body. So what’s the problem?


Speaker Boehner, along with key GOP members, did not consult the White House or the State Department when inviting the Israeli Prime Minister to speak with Congress. The Supreme Court has stated before, only the President of the United States is allowed to make foreign policy, not Congress. While what Speaker Boehner did wasn’t illegal, calling it an aggressive power play wouldn’t be a stretch.


For those not in the know, Prime Minister Netanyahu has been a huge opponent when it comes to nuclear talks between the US and Iran. As President Obama stated in the State of the Union on Tuesday, he believes these talks with Iran are critical to help create stabilization in that part of the world and any new sanctions to Iran could dismantle those talks. When Netanyahu speaks to Congress on February, he will absolutely push for new sanctions on Iran. Speaker Boehner clearly used this to defy President Obama.


While this isn’t the first – nor the last – time the Republicans and President Obama bump heads on issues of foreign policy, bringing in a foreign leader to push a foreign policy agenda is a whole new level of aggression. Next time when Speaker Boehner walks out of a room after a meeting with the Obama administration, don’t be surprised if this starts blasting behind him.




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