Republicans Restrict President Obama on Actions Regarding Guantanamo

Guantanamo Prison

The GOP knows when prisoners leave Guantanamo that those guys are going to another prison, right?



For years now President Obama and the Republicans have been at odds in what to do about the federal prison at Guantanamo. Republicans feel that the prison is necessary to keep terror suspects at bay. President Obama believes that the prison at Guantanamo represents a dark chapter in US history and the sooner we can close it down, the sooner we can move on. Well for President Obama, closing down Guantanamo prison just got a lot harder.


Citing recent terrorist activity as a backdrop, Republican senators proposed legislation that would make it difficult for President Obama from closing down the Guantanamo prison for the rest of his term. Many Republicans (and some Democrats) believe that Guantanamo is the perfect location to keep terror suspects. With the prison currently holding over 130 individuals, many within President Obama’s party have criticized his administration for not setting out a clear guideline to close down the prison. Some Republicans and media outlets have also claimed that many of those terror suspects that were transferred to African countries have rejoined ISIS, which has been proven to be not true.


The legislation itself would bar prison transfers to foreign countries and would freeze transfers for mid-to-high level terror suspects for two years. This is a significant accord for the Obama administration because over the past few years, a 30 prisoners have been transferred to foreign countries in hopes of reducing the current prison’s population.


While it is no surprise the Obama administration is looking to reject the measure, Republicans in Congress have said there is strong support for the bill and hope to push it through in the next two weeks.



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