Obama Administration Promises to Veto Keystone XL Legislation

Keystone pipeline route veto

Well there’s your answer.



The White House said today that President Obama would veto any legislation regarding the passage of the Keystone Pipeline-XL. For months the Obama Administration has been coy about whether the president would veto legislation on the controversial pipeline if it were to cross his desk. All signs now point to that being a strong possibility.


With the GOP controlling both the House and Senate, it’s said that voting for Keystone legislation could start as early as this week. Based on the current makeup of the Senate, it’s predicted that any Keystone legislation would pass the chamber with bipartisan support.


For those not in the know, the Keystone Pipeline-XL is a proposed plan for a pipeline that would extend from Alberta, Canada to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, crossing large sections of the US. Many environmentalists have been vehemently against any proposal for the pipeline saying it would disrupt natural habitats and drinking reservoirs if it were built. While opponents have touted the pipeline’s ability to create 42,000 new jobs (which to be fair, that number has been put into question).


Even though the State Department’s report on the Keystone Pipeline-XL has been held up due to a current lawsuit in Nebraska over the pipeline, but with the Obama Administration’s announcement today they’ve made it very clear where they stand on this issue.


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