Hackers Claim CENTCOM’s Twitter and YouTube Accounts, Everyone Freaks Out

Chuck Says Relax

Everyone calm down, from what it looks like, the hacking doesn’t look that bad.



Ok, so depending on where you heard the news of the military’s US Central Command (CENTCOM) Twitter and Facebook getting hacked, it’s either a major blow to US interests or the greatest cyber-attack in US history.


For those that don’t know, on Monday hackers claiming to be apart of ISIS hacked into CENTCOM’s Twitter and YouTube accounts. The hacking of the Twitter and YouTube accounts, while disconcerting, is not what sent many in the media into a frenzy, it’s how they used CENTCOM’s Twitter account in particular.


After the hackers got access to CENTCOM’s Twitter account it started to post “official” US documents in their Twitter feed, with many of the images being labeled as FOUO (For Official Use Only). The list of documents included list of military personnel, PowerPoint presentations, and an MIT simulation of a “what-if” scenario of a conflict between North Korea and China. While the hackers claim these to be classified documents, many of what the hackers posted were either public or came from sources other than the US military.


The hackers call themselves CyberCaliphate and claim to be affiliates of the terrorist group ISIS. It’s unsure if they have actually hacked CENTCOM in any meaningful way other than embarrassing them a little. But from what is known, this looks to be the equivalent of teens spraying graffiti on your garage door. While embarrassing, it’s nothing too terrible. Unless CENTCOM keeps national security secrets on Twitter or on their YouTube channel, which I’m on good authority that they don’t, it looks as if no real damage was done.


So everyone out there freaking out, just listen to Chuck Norris. Relax, it’s all good!


Till then…


hack the planet


Sorry couldn’t resist.



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