The Louisiana Runoff: Mary Landrieu Loses in the End


Finally we can put the 2014 Midterms behind us and never speak of them again. No for real this time.



Mary Landrieu never had a chance.


Republican congressman Bill Cassidy handily defeated Mary Landrieu on Saturday night in a Louisiana Runoff for the final senate seat, thus ending the Democrat nightmare known as the 2014 midterms. Landrieu’s loss was expected by many due to the increasing lack of support from Democrats. With the midterms settled and the Democrats already losing the Senate majority to the Republicans, Landrieu was basically left to fend for herself. With little to no money and an overwhelming support for Cassidy, who successfully connected Landrieu with the policies from the Obama Administration, the Louisiana Runoffs were just delaying the inevitable.


During her tenor, Landrieu had alienated many within the Democratic Party with her die-hard support for the oil and gas industry. With her support for expanded offshore drilling and her strong crusade to make Keystone-XL pipeline a reality, she alienated many green members of her party. While her loss was not the cause of this alienation, it definitely didn’t help matters either.


With Landrieu gone, the Democrats no longer hold a single senate seat in the Deep South. This win gives the GOP a four-seat buffer in the Senate going into 2016. Analysts say that the 2016 map looks as bad – maybe even worse – for the Republicans as it looked for the Democrats this year. So the Republicans gaining a senate seat in Louisiana is no small victory.


As for Landrieu, her family name is quite the political dynasty in Louisiana. Don’t be surprised if you see Mary Landrieu’s name come up in Louisiana politics once again.



(Photo Credit: Associate Press)


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