Senate Foreign Relations Committee Grants Obama New War Powers

Obama and Bush

The headline makes it sound much cooler than it actually is.



The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted Thursday on giving President Obama new war powers to fight against ISIS. In a 10-8 vote – the vote splitting down party lines – the measure would allow President Obama to use military force against ISIS without congressional approval. However the measure does limit President Obama from creating large scale combat operations on the ground, which then he would need approval from Congress. The passed measure would only be applicable for three years and would require the administration to give a progress report to Congress every 60 days.


Currently, President Obama has been using congressional authorizations that former President Bush used to justify military intervention after the 9/11 attacks. Even though President Obama has insisted that using military authorization from the Bush Administration is perfectly legal, many judicial scholars have questioned President Obama’s use stating that it’s a legal stretch at best.


With only a few days left till Congress goes on winter break, it’s unlikely it will even pass the Senate. While President Obama and Democrats would like to push this out before the next session of Congress starts – the next session of Congress is controlled by a Republican majority – seeing this even on the Senate floor is looking like a stretch at this point.



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