New US Sanctions are Set on Russia

Vladimir Putin

With bipartisan legislation passing Congress for more sanctions on Russia, that guy can’t be too happy about it.



Things aren’t looking too hot for Russia at the moment. With bottoming oil prices and previous international sanctions taking their toll in a weakening economy, Russia looks to be in the middle of an economic crisis.


Yet for Russia, things are about to get worse.


This week Congress passed a bipartisan bill that would put new sanctions to Russia and give weapons along with other aid to Ukraine. The sanctions to Russia specifically target Russian defense companies – both private and state-owned – that have been tied to the unrest in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Syria. The aid to Ukraine specifically gives President Obama authority to provide military assistance – both lethal and non-lethal – giving $350 million over two years to cover its cost.


Originally the Obama Administration had been wary of enacting the bill due to ongoing conversations with European allies over new sanctions. For many European countries, such as Germany, rely on Russian energy exports. So these new US sanctions could put a strain on that relationship.


However as White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said, while the administration still has some misgivings regarding the bill, President Obama will sign the legislation.



(Photo Credit: Associated Press)


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