Justice Department Seeks Delay on the Release of Guantánamo Tapes

Guantanamo Hunger Strike

The Obama Administration will have to decide soon on how they will handle the release of some controversial tapes.



Guantánamo Bay is one of those black marks in US history. The Obama Administration would like nothing more than to sweep it under the rug. However a few months ago, a US District judge ordered that the now infamous “Gitmo Tapes” be released to the public. The Obama Administration is requesting for another extension on the release of those tapes.


In a court filing Tuesday, the Justice Department requested that public release of those tapes be delayed until their appeal on the earlier ruling be resolved. Their reasoning behind this is that releasing the tapes would deprive the government of any public disclosure of classified information.


Originally a judge had granted the Obama Administration a 30-day delay back in October. The tapes, 32 in all, show a hunger striking prisoners being subjected to forced feedings. The existence of the tapes was unknown until the Syrian detainee, Abu Wa’el Dhiab, filed for a court order in hopes of changing the US military’s force feeding practices. The government has insisted that the practice was medically necessary to save detainees’ lives, while Dhiab insists that it was a form of torture.


The Obama Administration is running out of options on what to do with the Guantánamo Tapes. They could go to a higher court and appeal the order, but if they were to lose, then there would be even more pressure to disclose the tapes.



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