Jed Bush Says He’s ‘Actively Exploring’ a Run for President

Jed Bush

That means he’s running for 2016 y’all.



In accordance to the law of a Bush being in the White House every 8 years or so, Jed Bush finally put his hat in the ring by announcing he would “actively explore” a campaign for president. In other words, unless he can’t find money or proper support – which he’ll get both because he’s a Bush – he’ll be running for president in 2016. But as of this story, it isn’t official. So let’s all talk around the fact as if we don’t know if he’s going to run like we’re idiots, because you know, politics.


But seriously, what’s interesting about Bush’s announcement is that it could force other candidates in the Republican field to announce their intentions of a 2016 presidential run before they were ready to. There is no question Jed Bush would have a big advantage early on due to his family’s political connections and his name attracting heavy hitters in the donor pool. So for potential Republican candidates, similar donors and political support groups could be taken by Jed Bush before their intentions are even announced. Potential candidates like Florida Senator Marco Rubio would be fighting over the same campaign clout as Bush would if he decided to run. This would make candidates who were thinking of running announce their intentions earlier or bow-out of the race completely.


One thing is for certain though, with Bush’s announcement and the intention of creating a PAC for this very purpose, the race for 2016 is closer than we like to think.


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