A Comedy of (Procedural) Errors

Roberts Rules for Dummies

How Two Conservative Senators’ grandstanding might have been the catalysis to elect all 24 of President Obama’s nominations.



It was last Saturday night that the Senate passed the $1.1 trillion deal that would keep government doors open till September. Yet the Senate was ready to vote on Friday, so what happened? Well Republicans Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are what happened.


The Saturday night session was extended by Sen. Cruz (Texas) and Sen. Lee (Utah) in which they refused Congress to go into recess until they voted on the constitutionality of President Obama’s executive action on immigration. It was gonna be the good stuff. Some top quality, A-grade grandstanding. That’s when it happened.


The Senate not only voted down Sen. Cruz and Lee’s motion, but it extended the Senate long enough so Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid could start pushing through President Obama’s nominations. Some pretty controversial posts were put on the table that include Surgeon General nominee Vivek Murthy and Deputy Secretary nominee Tony Blinken. Without this extension from either Sen. Cruz or Sen. Lee these nominations would not have been on the table in this session. More importantly these nominations could have been valuable bargaining chips for the Republicans in the next session when they would be in control of both the House and Senate.


Sarah Binder – Congression expert from the Brookings Institute – described it to Vox as, “full bloom procedural nuttiness.” Sen. Cruz’s office continues to reiterate that Sen. Reid would have tried to push these nominations through regardless. But fact remains, it’s because of Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee they are even viable. In other words…


Gob I Made a Huge Mistake



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