President Obama Decisively Backs Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

The Obama Administration makes a strong stand backing Net Neutrality in a recent presidential statement.



The Obama Administration has always publicly acknowledged that they support Net Neutrality in all its forms. But very little had been done in the past to back up that statement. Also as we said before, it wasn’t looking too good for Net Neutrality when you started to look at the argument the FCC was trying to make. That is until this morning.


President Obama, in an official statement, requested the FCC to reclassify consumer broadband service (ie The Internet) to Title II on the Telecommunications Act. For those not in the know, reclassifying consumer broadband to Title II would create tougher regulations on telecommunication companies so they uphold the basic tenants of Net Neutrality (no blocking of sites, no paid prioritization of access, ect). Basically Title II classification would count access to the Internet as a “public good” along the lines of water, telephone service, and electricity.


This is a huge public statement by the Obama Administration putting even more pressure on the FCC, forgoing the concept of “fast lanes” that was originally being kicked around by them just a few months ago. With that said, the FCC’s ruling on broadband service may not come until 2015. So we may have to wait a while.


Yet as this news ringed from the far corners of the Internet, everyone had the same question on their minds. What does Sen. Ted Cruz think about all this?



Keep shining you crazy diamond!



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