#LetsMisinterpretDataTogether: The Election Night Dominance of Fox News

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“Because good journalism is all about the numbers!”



(From time to time, we like to look at data and wonder “what if this was completely misinterpreted by someone, who would then use their incorrect analysis to create an argument equally as idiotic?” We like to think this would be that argument. In this edition we look at the recent ratings dominance by Fox News on election night. We misinterpret this data into thinking the Fox News is creating a better journalistic product over their competitors due to their number of viewers. Want to make something perfectly clear; this ISN’T a criticism of the content that Fox News puts out, but the asinine idea that higher ratings equal better quality journalism.)  



As the dust started to settle from the 2014 midterms, the Republicans weren’t the only ones raising their fists in victory. Fox News was also there. Calling these election night numbers a win would not do it justice. It was a complete domination by Fox News!



Ratings at 10 p.m. Election Night for Cable and Networks:

Fox News: 6.6 million overall (1.8 million between 25 to 54 demographic)

CBS: 5.4 million (1.5 million)

NBC: 4.2 million (1.5 million)

ABC: 3.1 million (1.1 million)

CNN: 1.9 million (912,000)

MSNBC: 1.6 million (566,000)


(Source: Baltimore Sun)



These numbers prove once and for all, that more Americans trust Fox News than any other news source. By almost tripling the audience of MSNBC and CNN, as well as beating the networks by millions of viewers, Fox News is clearly putting out a better journalistic product. There’s a reason why the Apple iPod beat out Microsoft’s Zune, Americans always side with the better product. These numbers are proving that Fox News is creating journalism that people can get behind!


Fox News trusted names

How does it feel to be staring at the most trusted name in television news? You don’t have to answer, I already know it’s good!


This is a major sea change within the media establishment, so it isn’t surprising that not many news organizations would report on something like this. After all, why would someone report on their own shortcomings? Still many within the media is still behind the times. The educated elites still look at public broadcasting (PBS, NPR) as that guiding light in broadcast journalism. But you have to ask the question, where are they on the list above? I couldn’t find anything on PBS’ election night ratings, but let’s be honest, public broadcasting has been in the ratings slums for the better part of the decade now. They probably didn’t make the ratings chart, because they didn’t matter. Fox News is the journalistic evolution of television news. Americans clearly feel organizations like PBS are still stuck in the past, that’s why they aren’t tuning in. The only conclusion you can come up with is that these organizations aren’t providing viewers with reliable, trustworthy information as Fox News is.


Fox News is the evolution of news. It’s pretty obvious that more and more people are turning into Fox News because they trust it as a news source. The public has spoken and they have already decided where to put their trust into. Because good journalism is all about the numbers!


And in this case, the numbers don’t lie.



[Photo Credit: Google Images, Fox News]


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