Dude, Just Ask: Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch


Five questions about Loretta Lynch that you were too embarrassed to ask.



Last Friday President Obama announced his nominee to replace Attorney General Eric Holder. She’s a US Attorney from New York. Her name is Loretta Lynch. If you’re that person who doesn’t know who Loretta Lynch is or that Eric Holder is stepping down as Attorney General OR you’re asking what is this “attorney general” and how does someone procure one, then we’re answering these questions so you don’t have to ask.


You’re welcome.



Question 1: Ok seriously who’s Loretta Lynch?

Loretta Lynch is President Obama’s nominee for the Attorney General spot as Eric Holder is to step down in the coming weeks. As explained above, Lynch currently is a US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. For most of her professional career she has practiced law as a prosecutor. Originally appointed to the position of US Attorney in 1999 by President Bill Clinton, she left public law and went into private practice back in 2001. During that time she served on the New York Fed and was one of the main investigators in the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda which investigated the 1994 Rwanda genocide. She returned to her original US Attorney position back in 2010.



Question 2: So since she practiced both private and public law, what is her reputation in the law community?

In many circles she’s looked predominately at as a civil rights lawyer. Two of her most high profile cases were when she led federal prosecution on five police officers that were charged with brutally assaulting a Haitian immigrant in 1997 and leading a criminal investigation on Citigroup’s practices of mortgage backed-securities that lead to a $7 billion settlement by the bank. Her resume as a state’s defender is impressive to say the least.



Question 3: Then she’s qualified to be the next Attorney General of the United States? Right?

In terms of just pure qualifications? Absolutely! Even though it’s being reported that Lynch wasn’t the first choice for President Obama – as a professor of constitutional law – he knows the importance a good Attorney General will have on his legacy. As you can see with the last question, she is more than qualified for the job and is an ideal nominee with her resume being accomplished yet not controversial.



Question 4: What are some of her views on current hot button issues?

For the most part, Lynch’s views are similar to Holder’s, which include having civilian trials for terror suspects and fighting the newly created Voter ID Laws in some states. One of the issues that Lynch is said to be tougher on is white collar crime, which Holder’s office received much criticism in the past for not prosecuting more individuals that aided in the 2008 financial crisis. Yet during these nomination hearings, one of the biggest issues will be on immigration, specifically when it comes to amnesty for those that have entered the country illegally. It’s unclear where Lynch stands on the current immigration issue.



Question 5: Cool then she’s a shoe-in for the job, right? Why would anyone block her nomination?

Well, one word, politics (with a small ‘p’). In theory, Lynch is perfectly qualified to be the next Attorney General, but the nomination process for cabinet level positions have become more and more political over the last eight years. With the recent reports of President Obama using executive orders to move immigration initiatives forward, this could prove complicated for her nomination. With the Republicans holding the majority now in the Senate, if President Obama decides to push through executive decisions before the nomination hearings, expect Republicans to block the nomination and tell Lynch…


just business


I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.



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