Business PACs Move Money Toward Republican Senate Candidates

Guy with Money Falling

For Senate Democrats this could be their “rats abandoning a sinking ship” moment.



Regardless of what people think, money in politics doesn’t buy you votes.


It does buy you a politician’s ear however.


On those hotly debated policies where everyone from cable pundits to Nana at the retirement center has an opinion, it’s always good to have the ear of a listening politician to cut through the noise. Businesses have always known this. It’s why more often than not, business coalitions will back candidates that only have a chance at winning their races. So with the news of business PACs moving money toward GOP senate candidates, that should be a sign of concern for many Democrats.


Recently the Wall Street Journal reported that business groups gave significantly more to Republican candidates in seven of the most competitive races in the country. Originally business PACs gave 61% of their donations to Senate Democrats before June of this election cycle. After June however, this number drastically decreased to 42% going to Democrats while 52% were ending up in Republican hands. What’s even more surprising is that business PACs are even betting against incumbent senators. Which is rare in an election year.


While the flow of money could prove that business PACs prefer Republican policies, yet while that may be true, history has been very clear. Business PACs like a return on their investment, they choose very carefully in backing winners.


That’ why all this could prove troubling for the Democrats in tomorrow’s midterms.


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