An Increase in Funds for Fighting Ebola

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President Obama requests an additional $6.18 billion in fighting the Ebola crisis.  



It must have been a weird Wednesday for Republicans who were still drunk off of Tuesday night’s polling numbers (and probably other types of liquor). Hangover or no hangover, work needed to be done on The Hill. In other words, OBAMA DON’T CARE!


That’s why yesterday President Obama asked Congress for an additional $6.18 billion in emergency funds to fight the Ebola crisis. A large portion of these funds would be used as immediate appropriations for the State Department and Centers for Disease Control. Around $4.64 billion would be used for immediate needs while the remaining $1.54 billion would create a contingency fund if the crisis were to get worse. Around 1.3 billion would be used to curb the outbreak internationally among the hardest hit African countries.


It’s unclear yet if there will be much opposition to the asked about increase. The Obama Administration hopes that the topic of Ebola won’t be a contentious issue due to its increased media attention. For both Democrats and Republicans this could be the first true test to see how both parties will co-operate after the change in political landscape from the 2014 midterms.



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