A Lesson on Thanksgiving


Because it isn’t all about stuffing your face with turkey and watching the Detroit Lions lose a football game.



Supposedly the first Thanksgiving went something like this. Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in hopes of finding a new home. What they got instead was a terrible winter and various hardships that came along with it. Eventually with help from the Indians, they were able to grow crops and prosper as a society. For that once every year, we all get together and remember this cooperation in which we call Thanksgiving.


As this Vox piece on Thanksgiving and Charles Mann’s book, 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, tell us that it all didn’t go down quite as smoothly. The colonists would eventually turn on the natives that helped them and the natives only made an alliance with the European colonists in a show of strength/dominance to rival Indian tribes. This was a cold-blooded political alliance if there ever was one. And yes, when the facts surface it’s easy to be cynical of Thanksgiving as a whole. Yet we tend to forget. The colonists and the natives needed each other to survive. Both groups knew that like it or not, they were in this together.


So with the recent happenings in Fergusson and the political polarization that currently exists in Washington, it’s easy to see the things that divide us. Yet like the first pilgrims and the natives, it’s important to always remember.


Like it or not, to survive, we’re in this together.


(Editor’s Note: So this will be the final post for this week. Don’t worry we have new content lined up for you guys on Monday. Also if anything happens in the world of politics happens during the week – which it usually doesn’t – but if it does, we’ll make sure to make note of it. Otherwise from everyone that brings you The Post Turtle, Happy Thanksgiving!)



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