Super PACs Make a Final Push for that Sweet, Sweet Cash

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The one thing I learned when covering super PACs for this site. The Internet is in no shortage of Scrooge McDuck and Million Dollar Man images.



With less than two weeks to go till the midterm elections, it’s become crunch time for many fundraising arms of both the Democrat and Republican parties. It’s been well documented that the Democratic super PACs have consistently outraised the Republicans throughout this election cycle, yet with recent September FEC filings, the major Republican super PACs are catching up.


In September the three biggest spending conservative super PACs – American Crossroads, Ending Spending Action Fund, and Freedom Partner Action Fund – all raised over $30 million. The Karl Rove conceived American Crossroads has been consistently among the top super PACs in terms of funding. Behind only to liberal super PACs NextGen Climate Action and Senate Majority PAC, American Crossroads has raised over $25 million in 2014. The most surprising figure in all of this is the amount American Crossroads has spent – almost $15 million – running ads specifically against Democrats in key battleground states.


Though if we’re to be fair, the Democratic super PAC, Senate Majority PAC, has put even more money in running negative ads against Republicans in key senate races. As of this writing, the Senate Majority PAC has raised just under $40 million in 2014 and has out spent American Crossroads in negative advertising using just over $34 million overall. But Senate Majority PAC isn’t alone, 7 out of the 10 largest grossing super PACs this election cycle are liberal leaning.


With major ad space having already been booked on TV and radio, it’s difficult to tell where this extra fundraising is going to go. But one thing is clear; there will be a lot of it.


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