Site Updates: Things Breaking and Some New Blood

Technical Difficulties

Ok at least everything is not on fire anymore…



Hey Guys,


So two things…


1) These past two weeks have been rough when it comes to putting up content. While content was being created, with recent updates to the site, we were running into formatting issues. Like major formatting issues. For the most part now everything should be ok, and while it could be better, things aren’t on fire, so you know, it could always be worse.


So while we were working out issues, content was being written up for the site. The only problem was, we couldn’t post any of it. In turn some of it has become dated. We’ll be going through some of our pieces and updating things where we see appropriate in hopes of salvaging two weeks worth of writing by posting some of them this week.


2) In the next few weeks we will be introducing other writers to the site. The original conception for The Post Turtle was to be a place where ideas of politics could be exchanged in a fun and safe place. As of this point in the site’s infancy, all of the content has been handled by me. That’s going to change. Currently we are actually in the process of editing pieces and should have more to talk about in the next coming weeks.


Other than that just wanted to get you guys caught up on what’s going on here and why updates have been slow. There are some big things in the horizon. Let’s just hope it doesn’t break the site…


  • Sumantra (EC of The Post Turtle)


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