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According to Ad Dumps healthcare is the most important issue in these Midterms. SUCK IT TEA LEAVES!



As we enter the month of October, the avalanche of political ads begins. And while you contemplate not voting on the candidate that cold-called while you were watching TV – looking at you Durbin campaign – the topics of these ads can tip the hand for what campaigns are focusing on.


Recently the Republican based media-targeting company Deep Root Analytics released collected data on competitive spending models in terms of advertising concentration. In other words, they released data seeing what issues both parties senate candidates are focusing on. In terms of TV ads that is.


While you might be asking yourself, “why the hell should I care what type of political ads they’re trying to shill on me?” You have to remember, these groups spend millions of dollars, trying to figure out what the general electorate cares about, so they can create ads targeting them. So in other words, if they are being sincere with their findings, this data can tell quite a bit about this year’s electorate.


So what did they find?


Healthcare Top Priority

Well I’ll be damned! Looks like people actually care about healthcare.


While the top issues from either party can vary, there is one constant that is hard to ignore. If you’re running for the Senate this midterm, you are definitely talking about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Of all the issues present, both parties have created more ads about healthcare than any other issue. Which points to two things.


1) That in this election, people actually care about healthcare. Which wouldn’t be too far from the truth because as this Pew Research poll shows, while Democrats care about the issue of healthcare more than Republicans do, both groups’ interest levels on that topic is just about even. And based on this ad data, senate candidates of both parties want to remind you of that fact.


Which leads us to…


2) Both parties want to remind you that they have your best interest in mind, while the other guy is destroying the US healthcare system! For Republicans, this means reminding you of how terrible Obamacare is and how it’s systematically destroying your ability to choose a healthcare provider. While for Democrats, this means reminding you the benefits of what the ACA has brought without using the word “Obamacare” to do it.


Healthcare is still a hot button issue for many people. Considering groups of both parties are putting so much money behind it, it might be something that decides these Midterms after all.


Huh, who would have thought?


(Photo Credit: Google Images, Deep Root Analytics)


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