Guys, Elections are Expensive

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These midterms will be the most expensive in history. Yeah, it bums us out too…



As these midterm elections are heading to their final days, The Center for Responsive Politics (ie released some numbers last week on the amount of money that is going into these midterms. And as you may have expected, it’s disgustingly large.


Total Cost of Elections (2013)

The saddest bar graph you’ll see all day. (Credit:


It’s estimated that these congressional elections will top $3.9 billion making these the most expensive congressional elections in US history! This election cycle easily topped the last two congressional races in 2010 and 2012 which raised $3.6 billion.


You’re probably telling yourself, “man, that’s depressing.” Oh, it gets better.


Considering these figures don’t add governor races and spending from outside groups on “issue ads” to the overall numbers, these midterms potentially cost much, MUCH more. So the current estimate is about $100 million off.


Also the creator of the Slush Puppie, Will Radcliff, died earlier this year. I know that has nothing to do with money in politics, but figured I’d break all the bad news to you all at once…


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