Facebook Creates an Elections Dashboard

Facebook Election Dashboard

Hold on. You’re telling me Facebook does things other than gather personal information about me for advertisers and tell me when people’s birthdays are? You don’t say.



A few days ago Facebook unveiled their new Elections Dashboard for the 2014 midterms. And you know what, it’s actually kinda cool!


Yeah, I know. Surprised us too.


The dashboard is relatively simple. It collects state-by-state Facebook data – total page likes and Facebook users talking about the candidate – on those running for Gubernatorial, Senate, and House elections this year. It’s a clean and relatively simple to use interface. The best part, it collects data based essentially on social media trends on Facebook, making this elections dashboard pretty unique.


We screwed around with it for about an hour today and here are some interesting trends that we noticed.



  • While some of us are predicting Democrat Wendy Davis to lose her election to Republican Greg Abbott in the Texas Governor’s race, if democracy were purely based on Facebook Page Likes, Davis would be crushing Abbott with her 521.6K to his 409.2K.


  • On the flip side, in South Carolina’s Senatorial race between Democrat Senator Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis, Hagan is getting crushed by Tillis in terms of Page Likes and people talking about them on Facebook. This is interesting considering many polls have Sen. Hagan winning the race.


  • The Post Turtle’s Bold Prediction of The Week!!!: Granted none of this is really legitimate in any real way, but if you’re a candidate that has a Facebook Page and can only muster double to low triple digit Likes on your profile, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you aren’t winning your race…


  • Then again, yikes! So this is what a political equivalent to a bum fight looks like…




(Photo Credit: Facebook)


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