Anti-Big Money Super PAC Gets… Big Money?

Mayday PAC

Kids, politics is weird. Like really, REALLY weird.



Earlier this year a super PAC called Mayday PAC was created for the very specific purpose of backing candidates that pushed for campaign finance reform. In other words it’s a super PAC that’s fundamentally against super PACs. Yet that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re averse to raising sizable sums of cash.


On their mid-August report, the super PAC had reported that it had raised $1.5 million. To make this even stranger a good chunk of the money – around $650,000 – all came from five big money donors. Such donors included BuzzFeed co-founder John Johnson and green energy investors David Milner and Ian Simmons. Even groups like have contributed over $100,000 to Mayday PAC’s coffers. Since its inception earlier this year, Mayday PAC has raised just over $7.5 million.


While there was a healthy amount of skepticism revolving around the idea of an anti-super PAC super PAC, it’s hard to argue with the results. As of this writing, Mayday PAC has been one of the top 20 grossing super PACs for the 2014 election cycle. Even with the super PAC’s early victories, it hasn’t been all good news however.


A few early candidates that the Mayday PAC supported didn’t make it out of their primaries. One of the more notable candidates was former New Hampshire state senator, Republican Jim Rubens. In the New Hampshire Republican primary for their state senate race, Mayday PAC had invested around $600,000 in the Rubens campaign.


Minor setbacks aside, the fighting fire with fire approach that Mayday PAC uses in combating big money in politics has been relatively successful thus far. Yet the ultimate measure of success will be determined in how many candidates they can help get into public office. In regards to how successful they’re going to be in that sense, only time will tell.


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