A State-By-State Chart of Voter ID Laws

Voter ID Laws Sign

Because you know, Voter ID laws are somehow still a thing.



With only 15 days away from the midterms it’s that time to randomly pick a circuit court judge because you have an uncle with the same name. Yup it’s voting time again. And as you might have heard, for many states, it will be the first time they will be enacting their newly passed Voter ID laws. With the flurry of recent court rulings, many of you might be confused to what you need to present when you go to your local polling station.


We’re here to say relax, we got you!


We made this handy-dandy guide to Voter ID laws for all 50 states. We’ve even incorporated the most recent court rulings! The chart is pretty self-explanatory so click on it below to enlarge and let us know what you think. We will update it whenever necessary.



(Photo Credit: The Texas Tribune)


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