A Missed Opportunity (in a Tweet)

Immigration Reform Hispanic

How a tweet from the US Census Bureau shows what could have been for both the Democrats and Republicans.



Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s insane how bad both parties britta’d immigration reform earlier this year. You need to look no further than this tweet from the US Census Bureau yesterday.



Based on current projections, the US Census Bureau estimates that in the next 40 years Hispanics will make more than a quarter – 28% to be exact – of the US population! Think about that voting bloc. If you could somehow harness that type of political capitol, you would be able to steer a generation of public policy. In future elections the Hispanic voting bloc is crucial, even if in this election it is anything but. Both the Democrats and Republicans had a golden opportunity in attracting this demographic with immigration reform.


And as we all know, they dropped the ball.


While studies have shown that Hispanics don’t see immigration as THE top political issue, but there is no denying that it’s important to that demographic that immigration reform happen.  Even a slight edge with the Hispanic voting bloc would have been a huge investment for future elections. Instead both parties are left telling themselves, c’est la vie.



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