The GOP Have a Women Problem

women vote democrats win

“Yo, where the ladies at?” – The Republican Party



The Republicans recently asked a crucial question for their 2014 and 2016 electoral campaigns, does she like me? The answer?


No, not so much.


Last week Politico reported that two high-profile Republican groups – Crossroads GPS and American Action Network – released a report concluding that women voters found the party “intolerant” and “stuck in the past.” The report appropriately titled “Republicans and Women Voters: Huge Challenges, Real Opportunities”, spanned eight focus groups with around 800 registered female voters participating in them. The report, on all accounts, was thorough as it could have been.


The answers that came from it were also obvious.


The report concluded that women were “barely receptive” to Republican policies, with women being the most negative to the Republican Party in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the US. In other words, Republicans still haven’t been able to bridge the gap between women voters and their party. Yet this isn’t a new phenomenon.


Gallop gender gap chart

The GOP gettin’ no love from the ladies.


As the Gallop chart above shows, the last time Republicans have had any type of advantage with women was in the 1988 presidential election when George Bush Senior was running against Michael Dukakis. You know, this guy. That was over 25 years ago!


In the 2012 presidential election, President Barack Obama won the female vote by 12 points (56% to 44%) over his challenger Mitt Romney. After that election, many within the Republican Party had tried to look at ways to bring women voters into the fold. Yet, for many Republicans, it’s here where the problem lies.


The report’s solution to the problem is simple. To attack the Democratic Party’s stance on women’s issues. As the report states, the problem lies not within the Republican policies themselves, but the fact that women perceive their party to not be “fair” to women and deal “honestly with any disagreement on abortion.” As you can see, the GOP believes that the problem here is not in their policies, but the perception of these policies.


This would be akin to a drug addict saying that he doesn’t have a problem, because there are other drug addicts who are far worse off than they are. So compared to them, they’re down right sober! See it’s all about perception, not about the drugs!


Or as Cyanide and Happiness put it.


The Republicans are right though. Women’s view of the Republican Party is a perception problem. However the problem of perception is not from women. It’s their own.



(Photo Credit: Google Images, Gallop)


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