Last Night in Politics: The “OH GOD WHEN WILL THESE PRIMARIES EVER END?!?” Edition

primaries last night

The beat goes on and on and on and on…



Before you ask, yes there are still primaries going on. Also no, these aren’t the final ones for the year. Vermont, Florida, and Virginia’s primaries are all next week. So since there were some interesting snippets from the various races yesterday, we figured we’d compile them. Because you know, we care about this stuff. Barely.



Follow the Money


Yesterday Alaskan Attorney General Dan Sullivan won the Republican nomination for the senate seat in Alaska. But that’s not surprising, because it was pretty obvious that he would be the eventual winner in the Republican primary. What is crazy however is the fact that Sullivan has raised FOUR TIMES (!!!) more money than his primary opponents. At some point during the campaign you’d think Sullivan would walk out to a rally with this playing in the background.


Still the question, why did an Alaskan senatorial candidate gain such a monetary advantage over his primary opponents when he was going to be the overwhelming favorite?


Then you realize something. In the general election Sullivan is going to be facing Democrat Sen. Mark Begich. Everyone who follows politics knows that Begich is weak this election cycle, and if the Republicans want to pick up a senate seat, there is no weaker target. In other words, the money given to Sullivan isn’t for the battle (the Republican primary), but for the war (the general election).


If you want to know what elections the GOP is focusing on this fall, all you have to do is follow Lester Freamon’s advice.


Follow the money.



Welcome to Another Installment of Masterpiece Gif Theater


Tonight the role of ‘Alaskan Voters’ will be played by the mustachioed Nick Offerman, while the role of ‘Alaskan Lawmakers’ will be played by young Ben Schwartz. And now, without further ado, Masterpiece Gif Theater presents, Alaskan Voters Deciding on a Referendum That Would Tax Citizens Creating Tax-Breaks for Oil Companies.


Think again


This has been another installment of Masterpiece Gif Theater.



enzi A Sure Thing(?)


If Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi’s chances to get re-elected were a stock it would be a blue chip company. If it were a betting line, there would be no reason to bet for him because the payout wouldn’t be worth it. If it were a professional athlete it would be LeBron James, Leonel Messi, or Peyton Manning.


In other words, Enzi’s chances of regaining his senate seat for a 4th consecutive time is a sure thing.




Because in many ways his re-election has become a campaigner’s vision of a perfect storm. Armed with the GOP establishment backing, over $3 million in campaign cash, a weak primary field, a state that is OVERWHELMINGLY Republican, and a whole host of other reasons, Enzi is all but assured to win this senate seat.


Then again, this is the American electoral system. Nothing is ever a sure thing.



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