Lady and the Hawk

Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

How Hillary Clinton got on the good side of Neocons (and the bad side of some Democrats) in just three easy steps!



STEP 1: Do an Interview with The Atlantic Magazine


You’re Hillary Rodham Clinton. After the 2008 Presidential Primary the media said that you were done. If America was ever to have their first woman president, it wouldn’t be you.


Fast-forward six-years.


A couple of months ago, after a relatively successful stint as Secretary of State, you started to position yourself as a viable candidate for the 2016 presidential election. And why not? You’re currently being asked to give talks everywhere (even with your hefty speaker’s fee), your book – HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton – is a New York Times best seller, and you have successfully shed your negative image from your 2008 presidential run.


So what do you do when life is this good? You give an interview to a national respected magazine like The Atlantic of course!


Why you ask?


Because right now, you’re killin’ it!



STEP 2:   Come Out Hawkish on Foreign Policy


And when we mean hawkish, we mean guns-a-blazin’, 2002 levels of hawkishness.


When they ask you about Iran sanction, you fire back “no [nuclear] enrichment for at least a year,” adding “I would like it to be more than a year.”


Then when the interviewer even mentions the word Syria, you make the connection that the failure to help (in this case help = arm) Syrian rebels led to the rise of ISIS in the region.


And finally for the coup d’état, when asked about American security, you simply answer that terrorists (like the USSR before it) are driven to expand!



STEP 3: Send the Media into a Frenzy


Of course when you do this interview it will be a slow news week in the political forums, so people have to keep busy with something. Right?


As news outlets pick-up the interview, they dissect every word and phrase said. Sure, you originally made these comments to distance yourself from the Obama administration in hopes that in 2016 people wouldn’t associate you with that sinking ship, but look! Your hawkish demeanor has won many Neocons over!


Hell, even The Weekly Standard was impressed with her comments. So in one interview you have impressed Neocons and foreign policy hawks alike!



Then Again…


We live in dovish times. We live in a world where Millennials are doves and Rand Paul asks us to demilitarize the police.


So… are you actually THAT hawkish as you say you are in that The Atlantic interview?



Will you make Liberal Democrats decide, in the 2016 primary, if they can live with such a hawkish candidate?



But that’s a problem for Future Clinton to tackle. Right now, these guys have your back.


hawkman agrees


And that has to be worth something.



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