An Open Letter to the Press About ‘Death of The Tea Party’ Headlines

Pat Roberts

Guys, this was all just chalk. Nothing more than that.



Dear Press,


First off I just want to say that I get it. You need to sell papers or banner ads or memberships to paywalls or however the hell you guys are making revenue these days. So you instinctively go for the sexy headlines of Is the Tea Party Done? or The Tea Party’s Last Stand in Kansas’ Senate Republican Primary of incumbent Pat Roberts and Tea Party challenger Milton Wolf.


And now that the primary is over and Roberts stands victorious with winning almost half (48.1%) of the vote, everyone is declaring the end of the Tea Party. That is only to till the next election where you will be questioning if [insert conservative candidate here] were to lose then THAT would be the end of the Tea Party.


Listen guys.


Wolf lost because Sen. Roberts is an incumbent that has been a US Senator since 1997. In elections, voters go with the guy they know. Even if they aren’t that crazy about him at the moment. Also the fact that Wolf posted X-Ray photos of gunshot victims and then joked about them on Facebook probably didn’t help either…


But still, this wasn’t about the “Republican Machine” expertly thwarting the Tea Party in some genius move of politicking. This win by Roberts was just chalk. It was supposed to happen. Plain and simple.


So to every media outlet that printed their obligatory Tea Party is Done headline this morning.


Just Stop




Please. We beg of you.


–          From Your Friends at The Post Turtle


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