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Here, let me just turn this chair around so I can sit in it backwards. There we go. Now you know that this is a heart-to-heart.



Got a second? Yeah, listen, I know. Updates have been few and far between. Regular updates will start again today, along with some of the changes outlined below. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard behind the scenes. Here are some of the changes and additions that we’ve been working on.


–          When it comes to both the News and Reviews Sections of the site, we felt that they weren’t meeting the site’s original vision. Because of that, we’re revamping both sections.

o   For the News Section we are aiming to create less of an “AP news summery” feel and more akin to how we approach our Features. We felt that the old way of doing news pieces didn’t really mesh well with the site’s overall style. So we’re changing it. Once you see the change, we think you’ll dig it.

o   As for Reviews, this came after reading a few political books that we didn’t care for, but since they were recently published, we were cornered into reviewing them. Luckily none of these reviews were ever published on our site. We decided to take the “Animal Farm approach” to reviewing politics centered media (books, movies, TV shows, ect). While all political media is interesting in their own way, some are more interesting than others. From now on if it fits our strange and eclectic taste, we’re going to review it. Release dates or relevancy be damned! Reviews currently on the docket: Paul Taylor’s The Next America, Thomas Piketty’s Capital, and the 3rd season of Veep.


–          Recently we have been experimenting with audio. This is a website after all. And not utilizing audio to bring content to our users, well… at that point you might as well be this guy. Can’t say you’ll see it being implemented tomorrow or anything, but rest assured we’re working on it.


–          In a few weeks you’ll start to see new faces pop-up on the site. Have been talking to multiple people and have asked them to contribute their unique perspectives to the site. After much coercion begging persuasion, some of them have decided to contribute. We are unbelievably excited about this and quite honestly, you should be too!


–          Yes, we know. The site needs a redesign. Badly. We know it’s not much of a looker. And we are on that as well. More to be shared later.



Wow, when it’s all written out like that in bullet-point form, it’s kind of daunting, but I guess that’s the life you lead when you’re the pirate radio of political websites. And not those classy pirate radio stations that introduced Led Zeppelin masses. More like the third rate kind that plays Michael Bolton on loop because they think it’s edgy.


So yeah. That’s us.


We sincerely hope that you stick around because we feel the best is yet to come. Well, that and the fact for us anyway…



Sumantra Lahirir (Editor-in-Chief of The Post Turtle)


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