The Carbon House Rules

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How President Obama plans to mold his legacy through tougher environmental standards.  



There are very few amenable truths in politics. Yet there is one that is universal. For US Presidents, legacies matter. President Barak Obama knows this. And he wants the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new carbon regulations announced on Monday to be just that.


Part of his environmental legacy.


Monday’s regulations weren’t just talking points, but legitimate heavy hitters. Idea of having the nation’s fossil fuel plants cut emissions standards to 30% of their current levels by 2030 is no joke. Along with cutting greenhouse gases in cars by promoting fuel efficiency, President Obama wants to make his legacy clear. For better or worse, he wants to be the President that took a tough stance on combating global warming.


The upside to all this is obvious. Less global warming, pollution is decreased, no more depressing pictures of polar bears, ect, ect. However the potential downsides of these environmental measures are also legit. Killing jobs in the energy sector in a still recovering economy or driving up (already high) energy prices aren’t going to fly with most people. But that’s how it goes when creating legacies. There will always be blood.


It’s kind of funny to think that there was a time in which people thought that President Obama didn’t care much for the environment. But with the recent policies, he’s definitely creating an image that people will remember. Because for every US President, no matter how many self-portraits you do of yourself in the bath, sometimes all people will remember you for is a misjudged banner.


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