Dazed and Confused (by Complete Competency)


The House votes to better ensure care for US Vets. Yup, they actually did something right for once. Yeah I know. I’m surprised too.



I think at this point we all have come to terms that Congress is dysfunctional. With its criminally low approval ratings and being the least-productive Congress in US history, our expectations of them were low. We had accepted them for who they were.


Then this happened.


In what can only be described as one of the signs of the Apocalypse, the House acted in a united response to address the Veteran Affairs systematic problems with getting timely health care to veterans. In a 421-0 vote, the House unanimously approved legislation that made it easier for veterans to use VA-paid treatment for local doctors. In the next 48 hours, the Senate is said to be passing a similar bill as well.


As you may remember, this comes after a Veterans Affair’s audit found that over 103,000 veterans were awaiting treatment from the VA hospital. It became such a story that former Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki had to resign over the complete mismanagement over the VA medical system.


Ok here’s the thing. As Red from Shawshank Redemption explains, hope is a dangerous thing.



I had figured Congress was too lethargic or too dysfunctional or I don’t know too tired to legislate. Whatever it was, I had lost hope. Then something like this happens.


So if the question is asked, what makes Congress work together and actually legislate? According to this it takes over 100,000 veterans not getting medical care, a Veterans Affairs Secretary to resign, and a massive amount of public outrage for a system in ruins.


Ok, good to know.


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