White House Releases New Climate Change Report


Report Synopses: America, get your shit together!



On Tuesday the White House released their newest report on global warming, The National Climate Assessment. As you may have expected, the future estimates weren’t all that hopeful.


The National Climate Assessment reported that due to the increase in greenhouse gases, odd climate effects have started to take place. Within the assessment, various scientific studies were brought compiled to show the dire effects of global warming on the planet. The report claims that everything from a decrease in major crop production to hotter summers can be blamed on global warming. Yet the report also concludes that if swift actions to reduce global warming can be implemented, the worst of these effects can still be avoided.


Since the release of the report, the Obama Administration has made the media rounds championing it to anyone willing to listen. Not to mention, with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set to unveil stricter regulations aimed at power plants to reduce their carbon pollution in the following weeks, there was no better time for the administration to shine a spotlight on global warming.


But not everyone was pleased with the National Climate Assessment’s findings. Conservative think tanks, various energy groups, and a litany of Republican senators soon challenged the report as being alarmist and accused the Obama Administration of using the report to agitate liberals in an election year. Sen. Mitch McConnell (Republican-Kentucky) went as far to say that the report was used as a platform to renew the President’s call for a national energy tax.


However with more and more peer-reviewed research out there claiming the massive repercussions of global warming, it’s getting harder each year to dismiss the man-made effects on global warming as alarmist jargon.


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