The Great ‘Meh’ Masses

congress is the worst

In an AP-GfK poll, nearly half say they don’t care who controls congress.



Listen, I get it. You can only take so much of the constant back-and-forth partisan bickering. Not to mention the fact that the 113th Congress passed the fewest number of substantive laws in US history. Your frustration is understandable. So when the Associated Press and the GfK Public Affairs put out a poll that says nearly half of those surveyed (46%) don’t care who controls Congress, no one can blame you.


Because Congress is the worst.


While Democrats do a little better (37%), the GOP and “whoever” are tied (31%) in the public’s ambivalence to this issue. In fact, 9 out of 10 who were surveyed 9 out of 10 disapprove of Congress. For all the public cares, Congress might as well be controlled by this guy…


Wavey Guy


With that said, the people who said that they don’t really care are twice as likely to be Democrats rather than Republicans, because they skew younger. Yet at the same time, they say on election day 4 out of 10 are going to the polls. So, not all that promising.


Listen I get it. Congress is the worst. But if you don’t care this site will die to keep a strong democracy that means giving a shit. Even when giving a shit is really, really, REALLY hard.


Man, Congress is the worst.


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