The FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules Announcement


So, it begins…



So it looks like the murmurs of the much talked about Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposals for the Internet were true. The FCC yesterday put forth a Net Neutrality proposal that would not allow Internet providers to block or slow down access to websites, but would allow content providers to pay ISPs for faster delivery for their users. This practice of Internet providers charging content providers for faster access is known as “fast lanes.” And it is very controversial.


As you may have guessed Net Neutrality advocates are not pleased. Dozens protested the FCC proposed rules on Thursday which is setting the stage for Net Neutrality advocates on one side and telecommunication companies on the other.


If you want to know more about the issue of Net Neutrality and the proposal of fast lanes, check out our 10-Point Expert feature. It answers all your questions on the subject.


Now for the next four months, the FCC will listen to public discourse on the proposed rules. After that period whether the FCC is willing to overturn its fast lanes proposal is anyone’s guess.


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