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First Gay Wedding Show In Paris

How legal wins are cementing gay marriage in America.



Just thirteen years ago, seven same-sex couples in Massachusetts sued the state after being denied marriage licenses. Just ten years ago eleven states had approved a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. And just six years ago voters in California – that had helped elect the first black president – also voted for Proposition 8 (which constitutionally banned same-sex marriage in California).


Looking back now it’s hard to believe that legislation promoting gay marriage has now become the political norm. Public opinion has changed as well regarding to gay marriage with now more than half of the public favoring the measure. And now with the string of court cases that have been siding with same-sex marriage in the last couple of weeks, gay marriage is becoming less of an issue and more of a reality for most people.


With recent state and federal court cases siding with same-sex marriage – going as far as having a few victories in Confederate states – if the Supreme Court were to look at gay marriage once again, it would be hard to rule against it. With the count up to 26 states that allow same-sex couples to be married, gay marriage has hit some kind of legal tipping-point.


The rulings in favor for gay marriage started after the Supreme Court decision last summer of striking down a federal anti-gay marriage law. Since then an avalanche of court cases from various states have started to rule on the side of gay marriage, with the most recent being in Pennsylvania where a Judge repealed a marriage law which now allows same-sex couples to wed.


The most “oh shit, gay marriage really is here to stay” moment came from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett – an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage in the past – when he told reporters that he had no plans of appealing and would let the rule to just take effect.


For gay marriage opponents, these recent rulings have become less of a blow and more of a signal that, at this point, you’re fighting a losing battle.


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